Oh no! No no no no no! Nooooo!

It finally happened. I could see it coming but I couldn’t stop it. I think I’m going to start blogging! It won’t be an awesome blog, or very special, or super-interesting, it won’t be full of great pictures or anything like that, it’ll just be a little bit of me. Several years ago I attempted to blog on my Myspace account. Ha ha ha. What an epic fail that was. But I don’t know, this summer seems like a good time for blogging. Like a time to make time to share my adventures with others, who weren’t there, or reminiscence with those who were.

Last night I found myself singing “i’m soo-o-o tired” with my boyfriend on the back deck, a spontaneous duet serenading something we were both feeling at the moment. And something I’m feeling now, and have been for the past few weeks. Overwhelming sense of tiredness. It’s not because I work super-much or because I have too much free time, or even because of the season as it is in fact getting brighter out (yay!) but for whatever reason, dead tired. Yup. Of course I work 11 hours tomorrow and 11 more the next day so I think the first thing I need to do in this blog is say goodnight, I’m going to bed, don’t expect any posts anytime soon.



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