I am woman, hear me roar!

It’s not what you think! I just had a wonderful girlsnight with two of my darlings and it made me really happy. Funnily enough the evening ended on this note of feministic rage and we all drew pretty (and hilarious) pictures as a sort of commemoration. The night consisted mostly of;


Eating food

Drinking (very little)


Eating food


Eating food

And so forth. You get the picture. But time like that with people that you know you can trust and who will give you their honest opinion without judging you, ah, it warms my heart. Just opening up your heart and talking about everything on earth, about everything in your life that might be stressing you out or bringing you down, and at the end of the night feeling sooo much better. So though we ended up not watching a girly movie (and darn, I forgot to borrow it too!) it was the most awesome of nights that I have had in a long time. I am now going to geek out and WoW a little.



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