Make-up; the Master of Disguise!

So I finally figured out what I want to do with this blog. I want to take a random topic every time I post and rant about it, and express what I think about it. So it will sort of be like a column in a newspaper, only less newspapery. Todays topic if you haven’t guessed it; make-up. P.S this is not personally directed at anyone I know and I do not mean to offend anyone who is a fan of make-up. If you feel offended by what I’m writing here you might want to think about why you feel that that description applies to you and if it might be true? Please leave comments!


M—– is to girls what the A—- was to Adam and Eve

No, I’m not old-fashioned. I do enjoy high heels and miniskirts as much as any other contemporary female and I am not saying make-up is the devil. But with the commercials today, many girls and women get the impression that the make-up they are wearing will be good and healthy for their skin, with a “light touch of cucumber” or “natural minerals” or “extracts of…” Of course, lots of make-up has good stuff in it. Which is exactly what is needed for us to happily buy that bottle or jar without taking a second look at the list of ingredients. I could list off a bunch of mildly harmful chemicals and heavy metals and light metals and gross stuff that we’d never put on ourselves but… I don’t know what those words mean and this isn’t the Medical Database. Also, when you’re caking on the cover-stick you might be making your acne worse! But of course we all know that. It’s just how we talk about how the romans would wear lead and bugs and stuff smeared all over their face, when in reality that is what we do. Make-up today is that innocent looking little apple in paradise. We think it looks awesome but the consequences aren’t all that great.


“Would you like a butter-knife with your foundation?”

First impressions are important. So sometimes wearing make-up will create a great first impression, like a job-interview or a date. And sometimes people wear so much make-up that honest to god the first thought that pops into my head is “whoa skank!” or “she must have a horrible self-image if she thinks she needs all that make-up!” It can probably start simple (as many things have done in my life), you just pop on a little mascara in the morning before work one day and someone gives you a compliment and so you put it on the next day. And then two weeks later you try some neutral lipstick cause you’re going downtown with the girls and it occurs to you that guys are checking you out extra much tonight (though maybe it was that slutty dress but you prefer to think it was the make-up) so you put it on when you go to work the following week and ta-da! One day you’re standing there with a foundation three tones darker than your actual skin (because fake tans are so attractive, you know), your eyebrows are non-existent except for the eyeliner you’ve penciled in their place and you try to open your mouth to say something but the lip-gloss has caked your lips together and… you get the picture. Make-up in moderation can be fun and awesome but when people lose sight of what they actually look like you just end up looking like a sad scarecrow.


The “Morning After” Effect

The main reason I don’t wear make-up (besides it would take extra time to get ready in the morning and I’d have it smeared all over my face two hours later) is that I am so vain. Yes. I am horrified of the “morning after effect”. ‘What do you mean?’ you say. Well ok. I think we’ve all had this happen once or twice. You know how there’s this really pretty girl that you might work with or she’s an acquaintance of yours or you saw her once before at a party and then one day… she turns up with no make-up on and your mind, even though you try to stop it because you’re supposed to think “ah, natural beauty!” goes “omg that’s what she actually looks like? she looks so washed up and pale and not at all as attractive as she was…” Well, if you had met her that first and second time and she wasn’t wearing any make-up (or even just a little) the third time you bump into her you’re going to think she is just as beautiful. But thanks to your first impressions being those of her with make-up, your little brain considers it natural for her face to have make-up, make it a part of her face (like glasses would be on someone who always wears glasses) and then you see them again and oh noes! they look different and not as good anymore! Of course if the person stops wearing make-up for a longer period of time you will get used to what they actually look like and think they’re pretty the way they are again. But yes, that is the true reason why I don’t wear make-up. I want people to see me the way I actually look, so I never have to fall victim to the “morning after effect”.


And finally… Personality Galore!

To me, the most positive and fun aspect of make-up is the opportunity it gives you to transform yourself in to someone quite different from who people usually know you as. The first time I wore make-up in public I felt very nervous because in the mirror I had seen a completely different person and I was worried people were seeing someone else too. Of course by the end of that evening I realized people wouldn’t notice a difference because well, they had never seen me before. But it scared me that I thought I looked prettier and so I didn’t wear it again for a long time. With just a simple brush-stroke and dusting we can turn ourselves into sultry, sexy, innocent or casually business-smart women, whatever fits us for the occasion or whoever we would prefer to be. This can of course become extremely addictive. If you feel boring or shy, putting on that mask and becoming someone else is finally something you rely on so much that you can’t get out of bed without that make-up on. One of my English friends confessed that he had never seen his ex-girlfriend without make-up and that to him it was a little… different that I wasn’t wearing any. So this girl that he dated had either plotted so that she’d get up ahead of him or been in bed carefully applying it before he woke up. I mean I guess she could also have slept with it on but the point is, she was so scared of what she actually looked like that she couldn’t even be without make-up for a second in front of her own boyfriend. So as much fun as this personality altering confidence boost can be, make-up all too often ends up as a crutch, and instead of your friend and ally it’s your nagging and restraining mother, always telling you you’re not good enough and you need to be someone else.


7 thoughts on “Make-up; the Master of Disguise!

  1. Hello,
    Being a fellow blogger I have been trolling about wordpress trying to find a blogger whose style I really liked. You definitely fit that description, so I have subscribed.
    Also… I wish my step-daughter would read this post. Her mother and I despair of the amount of make-up she applies, mostly because she is a genuinely pretty girl, and doesn’t need it, but also because she’s applies it so frequently and liberally nowadays, that even WE are beginning to think she looks odd without it on.
    “morning after effect”… Precisely. I entirely agree. My partner very rarely wears it, and she is beautiful.

    1. Oh thank you! 🙂 I got so happy that someone actually read the blog that wasn’t one of my friends. I mean I love my friends but it does feel like you’re starting to reach out when someone you don’t know reads and responds to what you write 🙂 I hope your stepdaughter eventually understands that she looks wonderful just as she is ^^

    1. Ha ha ha I know I saw this layout and was like “sold!” I was just waiting to write a post that actually had some kind of content before I released it upon the world. It’s not going to be a daily blog (i don’t think) but I am aiming for at least one post a week, maybe 3 🙂 ❤

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