Of bad weather and how to make it good.

For 3 days now, St. John’s, NL – where I currently reside – has been covered in a thick layer of fog. To many people this has been depressing. Even to me on the third day. But sometimes fog can be the most wonderful thing. So can snow, rain, thunder… so this post, I dedicate to the good sides of bad weather.



Fog can be very depressing, dreary, heavy, boring… or, you can think about how mystical and quiet it is. The first night of this 3-day fog I went out for a cigarette on my front porch at 3 in the morning. I had a large cup of jasmine-tea with me and as I sat down, I noticed that right across the road from where I live, a street light had captured the glimmering droplets on a tree in its glow, transforming it into a miracle of sparkles. On top of that, the fog surrounding the tree turned the light into solid beams. It literally looked like the tree itself was glowing. So I just sat there in the silence, enveloped by fog as it mixed with smoke and steam and watched this glorious sight right across the street. It was a very tranquil and magical moment. So next time you go “yuck, it’s all foggy out and my hair will get damp and…” just stop for a second and think about how calm and soothing everything gets when it’s covered in a thick blanket of fog.


Ever since I was a kid, running out into a heavy shower of warm summer-rain was one of the best feelings in the world. Just standing there and freely allowing this natural shower to drench you instead of running and hiding under a roof as soon as there’s a chance of getting wet. There are so many different kinds of rain. There’s the “menacingly beating on the roof you really don’t want to go out side right now” kind of rain. The “softly falling around the house you probably want to take a nap” kind. Or the “I’m light and warm, why don’t you come outside and take a walk?” So many more different kinds. And just think about that wonderful fresh feeling in the air and earth when a heavy rain has just stopped falling, as if everything got washed and clean and all the tension has left the air. Last but not least, we mustn’t forget puddles. If you didn’t with glee run around and splash as hard as you could in the biggest of puddles at least once or twice as a kid, go get some rubber-boots right now and try it. Seriously.


I don’t really think I need to say much about snow for people to think of the positive qualities of this weather. From those first tiny flakes that make you go “oh my god it’s snowing! it’s snowing!” to that heavy snowfall that shuts down schools and work, it can bring us joy in so many ways. Snowball fights, snowmen, snow-angels, snow-forts… or just that wonderful cozy moment in front of a fireplace/tv with a cup of hot beverage of choice when the snow is soundlessly covering your house and making you feel cuddled. Though my favorite snow moment is when you’re out walking and slowly this snowfall starts building up until they are gigantic fluffy flakes that cover your clothes and the world around you as they in a slow and stately manner float towards the ground. Just that sight, as the big flakes coat everything around them in such an un-intrusive way. I love it.


When I was young, I used to think I could talk to the wind and it would understand me. (I still do sometimes but then I’m weird so…). I had made up this little language. And there was this one song that I would sing over and over as the wind crashed through the trees overhead;

  • Vaja nujubrava, of farand of rashag of ess. (travel great wind, over land and sea and search)
  • Ess ogonom em limonogo, lefa, lekara, leijong. (search for the voice of the water, air, fire and stone)
  • Vaja nujubrava, of farand of rashag of ess. (travel great wind, over land and sea and search)

Yes, I was only 8, and yes I was a weird kid. Anyways, I always had this special relationship to the wind, like we were friends or something. And when it blew in different ways it would mean different things. Winds are playful, they can be mighty and destructive or gentle and sweet. Kind of like a 5-year-old with a lot more power than any 5-year-old should have. But next time the wind blows, think about the way it feels and sounds, and what it might mean.

Thunder and Lightning.

I saved this for last. Because as much as I love the above mentioned weathers, this one… is just so awesome! Mighty crashing, booming sounds on top of blinding flashes of light! How can anything be more awe-inspiring, and make you feel as insignificant yet great, as lightning? I remember well many summers when I would run outside as soon as I heard that distant rumble, to catch it at its peak and feel it roaring around me, through the grass under my feet. My parents would yell at me to come back inside. I was never scared, only fascinated and overjoyed. The chances of getting struck are after all not that super big, unless you’re standing in the middle of a field with a copper-rod on your head.  But the sensation of all that deep wave of sound rolling over and into you after flash upon flash of lightning… it can’t be matched by anything else.



8 thoughts on “Of bad weather and how to make it good.

  1. Ohhh, Amki. I love you! The fog has been crazy depressing to me, It was 42 degrees in Montreal and Toronto yesterday! It was 13 here! So pathetic, haha.

  2. Y’know… the more I read your blog, the more you remind me of me. I loved this post. Particularly the Rain and Thunder/Lightning bits. That’s precisel how I feel about it.
    Coincidentally; my latest YouTube video has me struck by lightning. Check it out, and keep writing.

    1. Ha ha ha ^^ *still laughing at your youtube-video*.
      The funny thing was, despite it being short and just showing one shot of the scenery, it really made me miss the U.K. I haven’t been back in a while now and I really miss it :/ Someday soon I hope ^^ I subscribed so I’ll know when you make new updates! So make more, that is.

      1. Well, well…. You were quite right. How about that. Took me a while to find it, but maybe the advantage of finding it all the way back here in June, is that I could technically write whatever I wanted here and it would be difficult to find.

        Don’t worry though… I won’t. *evil smile*

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