The Challengers of the Unknown

To some of you, this title might ring a bell about a group of comic “super-heroes”. I personally never heard of the Challengers until I googled the name just now to try and find the song “Challengers” by the New Pornographers, which is an absolutely wonderful song and it’s really been affecting me of late. Give it a listen!

I’ve been in a rather curious mood and disposition of late. It makes me think a lot, which is good because the more I think the less I talk, and I can talk a whole lot at times (No like seriously, it’s really annoying, sometimes even I want to punch me). Right now I’m thinking about adventures, new beginnings, growth… so this post, if you haven’t guessed it, is just about that.

“The Quest”

If you think about it, a “quest” is probably one of the widest terms there is. It could be going down the street to get coffee, or making sure you sneak into the house at 3am without waking anyone, or driving on your way to propose to who you hope will someday be your wife. The point with the quest though is there’s always three parts to it; the initiative, the search and the answer. “I want coffee. If I walk down the street, I hope to find some. Got some”. The quest requires drive and determination not to simmer out and become a failure. The quest doesn’t always involve physical exertion like a journey, it can also be a mental and intellectual quest, like that of the Philosophers Stone (not the Harry Potter book… but that stone thingy that was in the book). A good quest always has a bit of drama or a hiccup along the way of some sort; you got some gravel in your shoe on your way to the coffee-shop, the neighbours dog started barking when you entered the house, you’re so distracted by the fact that you are going to ask a life-changing question to this woman that you run a red light etc. But a quest that goes smoothly without a single bump in the road is simply… not a proper quest. I mean just check the story-books! Things always went wrong before they were set right again! Is it possibly this way in life too?


Ooooh! First off on the note of grow, it reminds me of my friend Sarah‘s blog, which is really super-awesome. She’s the one who inspired me to actually start writing, because her blog is just that awesome. Check it out here. (That is a link to an awesome little artsy project she started, you can follow the results in her later posts). And I don’t know if it’s just me personally being weird but whenever I hear the word “grow” I get a picture of this generic-looking tree seedling sprouting from the dark earth, like this;

Whoa, except for like, a smaller picture. Anyways. I like the concept of growth. Once upon a time when I was a princess of a small country my Latin saying was “Vivo, Cresco, Floreo” which means, “I live, I grow, I burst into flower”. Sort-of-ish. And you know, without growth you will never get anywhere. One of the laws of thermodynamics is that every system, from the moment it is invented, starts its fall into decay. But what is necessary for a world like this to function if everything goes sour from the moment it’s even thought of? Growth. People developing themselves, developing technology, developing theories… every time a system dies, just grow a new one. Because as we have all seen, when you have an old and dying system and just keep patching it up instead of replacing it, things go horribly wrong eventually. And finally to quote Barney Stinson… “New is always better”.

The start of something…

New is always better. No. That is not true. But new is always different, exciting, upsetting, makes you think and see differently. Several years ago I came up with a little motto that I have held close to my heart since; “When you run away from your problems you only get new ones. But at least they’re new”. And that is the thing. Even if a situation is bad, at least it is a change in your life, and change helps you learn and develop and whatever horrible thing might have happened to you will help you in the future. New is generally always scary, because we’re unsure of how to act or what to think, and as humans we like being sure and safe. But new stands for youth, vibrant, shiny, glowing, alive. I like new! It can above all things be horribly sad, because for new to exist old has to go away. And letting go of something you’ve known and taken for granted in your existence for a long time can be extremely painful and almost traumatic for a person. But for me, even that pain is worth it, and it can be quite a magnificent thing. Isn’t that why a sunset is somewhat melancholic and nostalgic,  whereas the sunrise is and will always be a magical thing full of hope and strangeness? The end of something has to happen for the start of something new to be.


6 thoughts on “The Challengers of the Unknown

  1. Right… prepare yourself… this might be quite a long reply.

    Firstly: Excellent post… although the video will not play in UK, but I read your blog for the writing anyway so, no big deal.

    Secondly: Thank you very much indeed for that blog recommendation. Very good call. If you imagined her sense of humour would appeal to me, you were correct. I laughed and laughed, and then added her to my blogroll. I have had great deal of difficulty finding blogs that really speak to me; and that TAGSURFER thing is a bit useless. I think I found your blog through the tag “weirdness”, but otherwise it hasn’t been much help.

    Thirdly: I don’t know if you have a facebook account but you are welcome to add me if you feel so inclined. I can be found under “James Moors” and my picture is the same as my blog avatar. I don’t often add people on facebook (as you will see), because I’m not big on collecting friends just for the sake of it; I only tend to add people I am likely to actually speak to, but you are very well attuned to my particular tastes and sense of humour and there is nothing more important in my life than laughter.

    Incidentally: I’m pretty sure all of the people that know me have, at some point in their lives, wanted to punch me for talking too much, and… like you… I include myself in that list. I can hear myself doing it (just like now) but I just can’t stop myself.

    In any event, keep up the writing. You are brilliant at it.

    1. I am so facebook-adding you right now! I also don’t add people to increase my friend-collection, I still have some people there that I barely know because they are friends of friends but occasionally I take the risk of hurting some people I never talk to by removing them. And don’t worry about writing something long to me, I’m the sort of person who… let me say, my friends now when I’m texting them simply because their phone won’t stop buzzing for 10 minutes 😀
      I hope you do some more vloging or some kind of video-project soon.

  2. I really liked this post, thanks for sharing your life and experiences ❤
    And I looked at Sarahs blog, and saw the list with things you want to do before you leave. Good idea to do a list. Now I hope that you have the time to do them all! I hope you will have the best of time.
    Hugs and kisses my cute Amki! ❤

    1. Yes, now I only have to do all of the things on that list 🙂 Which is proving difficult with all the hours of work I’m getting right now. But I will do at least half of them! I miss you and love you and I will see you in about 25 days from now ^^ *hugs and kisses*

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