That tranquil place…

This post is about peace. I’m not talking about “war is bad” kind of peace, even though I’m all for that kind too. I’m talking about peace of mind, finding peace with yourself and who you are and being able to spend a moment with yourself and not feel like you want to rip your ears off. As always, input is more than welcome.


The Place.

To me, what place I am currently in greatly affects my mood. I can’t find peace in a place that has no semblance of it. Of course with the right tools – like a cup of tea, a cigarette or a book – peace can be achieved even in a crowded shopping-mall or next to a soccer-game. But ultimately, the right place is the greatest catalyst for peace for me. Often times I will look for such things as quiet, trees, out of the wind, not a lot of people, warm with a beautiful view over the ocean or maybe just hills. If I have found a nice place that is where I will return in times of dire need. Secure these places and treasure them, because the intrusion of others on this place might affect the way you feel about it.

The People.

I cannot stress this enough. I think we all know that around certain people in our lives, we get uncomfortable, stressed, scared or even just plain angry. There are individuals that trigger some unconscious response in us, making it more than impossible to feel at ease or good about anything when they are around. Sometimes we ourselves are at fault; there might have been a bad experience in our past involving this person which then gets brought up every time we see them. We might have been perfectly fine with their presence if that event had never come to pass. And sometimes we are just plain judgemental and decide that we do not like someone simply based on their clothes or tone of voice or their opinions. But for me the true peace-disturber just has something in their very essence, an air of something aggressive and negative that will not leave you alone and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to find a sense of calmness around this person.


I might have brushed up against this part in “the place”, but an atmosphere is a different thing. Have you ever walked into a house and just felt a sense of wrongness all of a sudden for no reason? Like you know the place is really nice and the people living there are ok but there’s just something about the place that gives you the heebe-jeebees? That is what I mean with atmosphere. Sometimes it is caused by several people around you, sometimes the weather, a scent, a certain colour… it could be anything that will throw you off completely and make you ill at ease. Avoid these places best as you can. No alteration in that area will probably ever change the feeling you get when you enter it. It’s just something that does not resound with your level of being, and there’s no point fighting it.


This is of course always the main cause for unrest. If you are not at peace with yourself, you can’t find peace. It often results in sleepless tossing and turning at night, a constant feeling of exhaustion, too many thoughts in your head not able to escape or be fully processed. Finding peace with yourself is probably the most difficult thing you can have a go at, because it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, you can’t change what goes on inside your brain. Reminding yourself of good things is always a safe place to go. Thinking about things you enjoy, people you love, experiences you’ve revelled in. Or just reminding yourself of your own good sides and strengths. I will also stick to that if you focus enough on your breathing, something is bound to happen eventually. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to enjoy the silence of your own mind.

What makes you feel peaceful? What bothers you like nothing else? Where do you go in your head to calm your nerves?


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