First off, I would like to apologize for my current lack of blogging. There has just been – and still is – a lot going on in my little world, and so the time and energy to blog has remained un-present. I have a lot of things ahead of me, such as packing up 3 years of my life, giving away as much of it as possible and throwing out the rest. This morning I woke up at 8:30 when the door slammed. In a panic I scrambled for my phone “what time is it, did I oversleep?” and realised I don’t have to work today. Or tomorrow. Or the next. Yesterday was the last day at both of my jobs. I’m leaving in 5 days.

Sight of the Week; Half-buff guy with bit of manboob bouncing down the road in sneakers and a pair of spacious checkered blue boxers. It was painful yet magnificent to behold.

Quote of the Week; Sarah – “I would not eat or sleep, I would just f*** him. I would make a whole in my bladder so I wouldn’t have to get up to pee but just keep f****** him”. Said about Alexander Skarsgård.

Now for what this post is actually about. Lists. In all shapes sizes and colours and what they’re good for and what they are not good for and why we have them.


I’m a sucker for organising with a list. I remember even as a kid, I’d have the chores down on a list so I could tick them off as they got done and feel the sense of accomplishment. (Mind you, for most kids that list would be “clean your room, feed the dog and stay out of trouble”. Mine was a little more extensive, like “feed all the animals, vacuum the entire house, then dust it and mop it, weed the garden, mow the lawn etc”. Yeah, you need a list for that kind of stuff!). It’s just something very relaxing to know that as long as you follow the guidelines on this list, everything that needs to be done will get done, and you will not be required to use brainpower to accomplish anything (unless the list includes solving algorithms, in which case you are screwed, unless you know how to. I’m not even really sure what an algorithm is). Especially for grocery-shopping, 95% of the time there will be a list there, because usually I know the store well, and then the items can be listed in the order they will appear on my trajectory through the store, maximizing efficiency and time-saving. (Go using big words for grocery-shopping!) My most favourite list right now is linked here, because those are the things I would like to get done before I leave – that means within the next 5 days, so I don’t know if this is all going to happen. For anyone that is curious I have accomplished to do nr. 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10.

In Your Head

You may not be aware of it, but you have millions of lists in your head. Not only the normal kind where you categorise animals and food-dishes and scents, but personal ones that are different from anyone else’s. Likes and dislikes, top 10 memories, things that you are good at/suck at, how much you like certain people and in what way, what you are looking for and not looking for in a spouse… those lists are truly endless. Oh and hold on. You might not want to admit that you have lists about other people, but I would like to bet that you do. If you are telling me that you don’t analyse your feelings for others or play favourites then you are either bs-ing me or really lucky to have a mind that can work without differentiating. Personally, I have so many internal lists. List of “things I totally should not have done but did anyway and now I’m going to pick on that soul-scab for the rest of my life”. List of “really wonderful moments in my life where I felt so good it was unreal”. List of “people I will always love and trust and enjoy being around no matter what”. That last list is kind of short. I’m not going to write that one down for you here because some people might get offended by not being on that list. I love a lot of people but also trusting and enjoying being around these people at all times no matter what, that is a difficult list to get on.


These lists occur most often to me. They are tiny to-do lists, stored away in my phone or brain, that require doing rather immediately. They can be actions, things, people, whatever. It’s pretty much a little agenda for the day. For instance, mine today looks something like this;

  1. Find out if Swedish banks accept Canadian checks
  2. Go back to bed
  3. Get up and have a shower
  4. Deposit my last pay-check from Booster Juice
  5. Clean the house
  6. Test-pack my backpack to find out if everything I want with me is going to fit
  7. Continue reading the last of “Dune” so that is done before I leave
  8. Have at something fun with other people

So now I’m going to go do all those things, because I’m really tired but I want to know if I can deposit pay-checks into my Swedish account so first things first. Before I leave you, what in your life do you make lists about? What do your lists look like? Do you also find you have those secret mental lists concerning other people?


9 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I do lists all the time, I love doing lists! What to do, What I want in life, shopping, movies, countrys, cleaning, music etc.

    Soon, soon can we hug! ❤

  2. I am a compulsive list maker. I have an office full of notebooks, all full of ideas… many pages containing lists of things. My favourite sounds… My favourite sights… To Do lists… Ideas… Lists, listing how many books I will need for each kind of idea… Settings for computer programs I use regularly…. Music to get… favourite music I already have… Movies to get… Equipment I need… Possible web-hosts… etc, etc, etc.
    Safe trip home, and please keep posting once you’re settled again.

    1. I will keep posting till my fingers bleed! Though hopefully that won’t be necessary. That’s a little fanatical.
      I like your list-craze 🙂 Make a new post soon! I read the zoo-post but I did not tap the glass because well, Richard had best be left undisturbed 😉

  3. Haha, and you quoted me. ♥

    I can’t imagine my life without you, Amkiram. But I know you are going on to bigger and better things! We can always text and Skype and call and letter and email and visit! And we always will. 🙂

    P.S. You know my love for lists, it’s my crack!

  4. Oooh lists are so fun! I’m both a lister and a calculator, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it helps. Its a great way to organize thoughts.
    P.S. I miss you in my life already, we have the saddest little blackholes in our hearts that we’re struggling to fill already. I wish you much love and luck <333

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