A Glimpse into my Mind

I think we all know the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words”. I don’t think this saying is entirely true. What if the picture is kind of blank, bland and without context to us? Then the picture could say less than a word, something easily proven by how impossible it is to describe this picture. The same could be said for some amazing pictures, that hold so many words and such an intricacy that we can’t even explain what we see and experience to the person standing right next to us viewing that same picture. When I visited the Fotografiska – as I mentioned briefly in my latest post – there were tons of pictures. A lot for the mind to process in a few short hours. I left with a feeling of mental exhaustion yet contentment.

So, with my shitty phone-camera, I wanted to show you A) two pictures that I took today, one just outside a subway entrance and one just inside;

I have a dirty mind. If you do not childishly snicker at this, the name of a "Scottish" pub in Stockholm, then your mind is a purer one than mine.




and just a few steps away from "half way inn"...

And b) a picture that I took a while back. In spite of my horribly dirty mind, I can still see pretty things like these;

I know they just look like clouds to you, but when I saw them they were three almost symmetrical stripes across the horizon, and really fascinating.


So if the first two pictures tell you that I am a disgusting person with a perverted sense of humour – and I’m not saying I’m not -, who am I combined with the following picture (it was supposed to be two but for some reason the second picture never wanted to work)? Sometimes it’s not the pictures that say a lot, it’s our own minds, judgement and even prejudice if you will, that turns the picture into some sort of sentence or thought. Facebook is – sadly – a good example for this. I am quick to judge. If I see a girl who has taken one of those pictures… well you know, the “angledfromabovetomakemyboobslookbiggerandwaistsmallerandeyeshugeandi’veobviouslytakenitmyselfinthebathroomihopei’llgetcompliments”. One of those. And then uses it as a profile-picture. Well if I see that, I will instantly assume that a) this girl is a bit of a sl*t and b) she has no self-confidence because she needs people to reaffirm how great she looks all the time, mainly guys or her female friends who all have the same kind of pictures up. Now, this might not be true at all. This girl might, if I ever meet her, turn out to be a very deep, self-assured, happy and generally awesome human being. But because of that picture, I will undoubtedly make that judgement about her character. Same with middle-aged women who post either pictures of their cute pets or their kids, or at best, a picture of themselves when they were five. I instantly assume that this lady is ashamed of how she looks like now – especially with all the young teen-girl taking those ^ pictures – and so they display something else, in hope to avoid judgement. Or so I think. When in fact this woman might just love her pet or her kids and want to show them to the world, or got a bit nostalgic over their childhood and wanted to share that with her friends. Yet there I go again, judging.

So yes, pictures might say a thousand words or more or none at all. But at the end of the day, when it comes to pictures it’s the same as with relationships; it takes two to tango. The person who has chosen to show the picture to the world, and what lies in the eye of the beholder.


2 thoughts on “A Glimpse into my Mind

  1. Two blog posts in as many days? Give us a chance to keep up. Some sort of proverb about waiting for buses springs to mind, but maybe you don’t have that saying in Sweden.
    I’m afraid my step-daughter takes the kind of facebook photos you were referring to before. We rib her about it a little, because she claims to hate having her photo taken, and yet she takes another one of those pics every week. She is a pretty awesome person a lot of the time, and can be the most sensitive, caring girl in the world, but I’m sorry to say she is sort of fond of her own looks at other times.
    Anyway… I like the pics, although I didn’t have the same reaction to the Halfway Inn that you did. Perhaps I’m more tired than usual.

    I’m going now.

    1. I can assure you, there will come a time when your step-daughter has moved past that stage of her life :p It is actually most commonly occurring to girls between 14-18 in Sweden. Sometimes it sticks around for a little longer but it’s almost always a phase. Almost always.
      I like the thesis length comments :/
      Well I’m off to work! See you around Ja…Jimb…Bimm… ok, I like Jimbo actually, I’m going to stick with Jimbo :p

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