First off I would like to apologize to anyone that still reads this blog. My latest absence has been inexcusable. I haven’t even been particularly busy! But you know when you keep looking at your page and you just can’t muster the will, the energy, the guts to write another post? That’s where I’ve been. Also, there has been more of a social life in my current situation than I’ve had in a while. Excuses aside, here’s another post. I’m going to talk about that magical, mystical “it” and the difference places in which it appears.

The One

Maybe you are in love, maybe you have been, maybe you will be soon. But did it occur to you that with love, past the attraction and all the logical reasons why you like someone, there’s that “it”? That “love at first sight” factor, which many discard as mere attraction, or a desperate need to find a soul-mate? I have a firm, deep-seeded belief that there is an “it” that makes some people stand out more to us than most. And it’s not just with romantic love. Sometimes you see a stranger at the platform waiting for the train, or in the grocery store, or on the dance-floor. It doesn’t matter where, even if you see this person out of the corner of your eye, you get a tingly, strange sensation that tells you there is something special about this person. Something that draws you to them, that makes you want to get to know them, that makes getting to know them a little easier, almost like it’s natural that you should. I am a firm believer in this kind of “it”, it’s happened to me a few times. If you get a chance to talk to the “it” people, it usually results in good friends, great relationships or just a very exhilarating conversation that leaves you blown away for the rest of the day.

The Artist

Some of them just have “it”. You might be looking at some disgusting modernistic painting that you would usually hate to the point of using it as a makeshift litter-box for your cats, or giving it away to your dearest enemy, but in this particular case you find yourself liking it. You don’t know why. The painting is garish, disturbing, clumsy, and yet there’s something about it which appeals to you. Or maybe you turned on the radio in the car on your way to work and caught yourself bouncing around on the seat to some new, technoish beat that you’d rather die before admitting, even to yourself, that you like it. But there you have it. Some artwork just has “it”, usually because the creator does. There are some patterns too deeply ingrained into our ancient brain-systems to even comprehend. But for some reason certain things just appeal to us, and we can’t stop them from doing so any more than you can stop the rain from falling on your newly straightened hair. We will often refer to these songs or works of arts as “guilty pleasures” – if we even mention liking them around someone – but what is wrong with liking something because it’s considered too popular, too tacky, too wrong in some way or other? Chances are you can’t help liking it, because to you, it has the “it” factor.

The Moment

Time being an object can certainly be debatable. I still consider time to be the fourth dimension. If we can move along a timeline, it stands to reason that there is such a thing. Without time everything would be at a standstill. At absolute zero even time freezes. So for me, a certain moment can be a thing all of its own. Moments are very complex though. Consider the myriad of things that you experience in a single moment; your surroundings with their objects, sounds, smells, the light, the temperature, then the people around you, if they are talking, what are they talking about, how does that make you feel, what are you sitting on, or standing on, or lying on for that matter, whatever you were thinking about, tasting, the music you hear… there will be moments where you get filled up by such a strange sensation, like you couldn’t be more alive, like you are bursting with pain, joy, energy, all at once, and like you want to stay there always. To me, that is an “it” moment. I treasure them and stow them away in my head. For the hard times.

Defining the It

I would like to know if you can do that for me. Because maybe you are of the persuasion that the “it” is merely a combination of several different factors, and the “it” doesn’t actually exist. But for me, sometimes the reason you feel something can’t be explained. Try as I may, I believe that there are “it”s out there, and that there will be many more, and that there is something that sets them aside from just being happy, or just getting along with someone, or just liking something for… well, whatever reason you may want to come up with. But then tell me if you think I’m wrong, and explain the “it” to me, if you’d be so kind. Or maybe you’d like to share an “it”-moment, or talk about when you met an “it”-person? I’d love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “It

  1. I really like your definition of the it. I would, however, disagree that it can be explained. (You did enough so that I know what you’re talking about!) There’s metaphysics. And if I were to have read this post about two weeks ago, I wouldn’t be able to use metaphysics to answer your prompt. (So I am noooooo expert in this field.) I am a baby taking its first steps with metaphysics. But there’s an objective duty that all humans have; an imperfect duty to others. This is beneficence, and I would argue that it explains the it when you feel drawn towards others; random people especially. Similarly, on any spiritual level, there’s a common theme of a spark of life (in Christian terms.) Eastern religions see it as a piece of a larger whole; it exists in all beings. Spirit-for lack of a more all-incorporating term-exists in art because the artist’s spirit was poured into the protect through the medium. We can see God, the larger, collective Spirit, or just simply it as the artist that has made each of us. We can recognize it even in other random people. When our it connects to others’, even randomly, we can call this love (at first sight in the instance of randomness!)
    Sorry to be all over the place with that answer!
    I am new to WordPress!
    I look forward to following you.

    1. I am not unfamiliar with being all over the place, and I do like your explanation for what the “it” can be 🙂 It makes a lot of sense. So would you say that when we are drawn to an “it”, whether it’s a person or a work of art, it is simply because that “it” resembles something in ourselves, and fits into our pattern, something that we might be subconsciously aware of but can’t put our finger on when we try to analyse it?

  2. I wouldn’t say it exactly like that. We aren’t pre-made machines that have a similar battery. The Soul/Spirit/Spark o Life is fluid, free moving. Just like how art has advanced from finger-paintings on walls to oh wait, finger-painting on walls (oh, abstract art, how you confuse me!) But really, art has evolved, and so can our inner-linked it!

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