Contemporary me.

Hello my darlings! Have been a tad inactive here again I see, so since my brain is slightly fried with exhaustion and school-work and I have to get up in less than six hours, I won’t write anything profound at all. Just a list. (You know how I love my lists). So here are a few things that are relevant to my life as of right now;

E-cigarettes. These handy little thingumabobs enable you to smoke indoors without actually smoking, to smoke around other people without blowing harmful second-hand smoke into their pretty little faces, and even though there has not been extensive tests and research made yet regarding their harmful effects on those who use them, they are sure to be less harmful than cigarettes. Plus they almost like look real cigarettes, so you don’t have to feel like an idiot using them.

Dark Angel. A tv-series from 2000 starring Jessica Alba. I never thought much of Alba as an actress before, and though I do still feel like she isn’t the most outstanding of actresses, she is certainly good enough to do what she does. She is also very very attractive. Like very. The series is fun, it’s about a post-crisis – of the global financial kind – and Alba is one of several genetically modified children which have escaped from a lab-facility where they were being trained into super-soldiers. If nothing else, this series is a fun glimpse into how much of the 90ies that were still left in 2000 – and how much of the 80ies which had seeped its way into the 90ies.

Christmas. Don’t think anyone will need a summary of what that is. Or I hope not. I’m usually not a big fan of doing anything Christmassy pre-December but seeing as how the 1st of Advent was on the 27th, I went to my little-sisters and we baked ginger-snaps and lusse-katter all day… or at least 4 hours of it. We forgot to put on Christmas-songs, we made roughly 80 lusse-katt buns (that’s a LOT) and we went and got pizza afterwards, real thin-crust ones with ruccola and prosciutto on top. It was a lovely day. Next stop; toffee and chocolates at my place.

Tests. I have three major ones coming up soon – two of them tomorrow – and I’m getting rather nervous about it. I know I’ll do well, at least with the English ones, most likely with the Swedish, yet I always get nervous before tests. And maybe that is the secret to why I do well, I don’t get so overconfident in my own abilities that I neglect studying or preparing myself. But I’m going to be holding my thumbs and crossing my fingers, as always. If you want to say some kind of little prayer for me, to God, pasta, Eddie or whomever you believe in, that’d be welcome.

Dreaming. Ever since I moved to this flat a few months back, I’ve had lots and lots of dreams, mostly weird ones, only one or two actual night-mares, and not that many that I’ve woken from in a happy or blissful state. Just strange dreams, where tons of things happen, I wake up several times during the night and only remember scattered details for the most part. It makes it harder for me to go to sleep, it makes me more tired, more out of it during the day. But I’m hoping it will stop soon. Maybe when I finally get down to repainting the bedroom.

Working out. See, the flat gets rather cold at times, and my solution to this (because our radiators are pretty much cranked to the max, so it’s not like we can turn it up any more) is doing a few sit-ups, squats, shaky and pathetic push-ups, etc. If it looks extra cold outside, I’ll work out a bit before I step outside, to make sure my pulse gets up and my system is on the go already. If my toes are too cold and it’s bedtime, I just bounce around a bit so I’m nice and toasty instead of curling up and shivering under the blankets. So my solution to heating problems, which will cost you nothing and get you fit, is just to work out a bit.

Cheese. To counter-act my work out (because for every healthy thing you do you should also do something unhealthy, yin-yang balance kind of thing *coughs*) I’ve started over-indulging in cheese. I just wish someone would help me by eating the cheese before I can get to it. I’ve had the kittens help me out a bit but too much dairy isn’t good for their tummies. Well it’s not good for mine either of course. But you get me. So, the general obtaining of cheese has to be stopped for my own good!

Books. I’m currently trying to finish the last of the Harry Potter series (Don’t hurt me! I can’t explain how I haven’t read it yet! It was an accident!) but I’m only a third into it because for Swedish we had to pick one out of five classic novels and I chose “Pride and Prejudice” (translated into Swedish of course) because I’ve read that before, I own the English version, I’ve seen the movie and so on, basically it felt like a good choice because I already know what I need to know about it in order to discuss the book. Yet my honesty forces me to re-read it for this assignment. And then there’s “Rant” by Chuck Palahnuik (< = dude who wrote Fight Club) which I haven’t even touched yet, because I haven’t had the time.

What has there been a lot of/ too much of in your life of late?


3 thoughts on “Contemporary me.

  1. I MISS YOU. And you know I love lists. β™₯

    My list:
    1. Are you smoking E-Cigarettes? What are they like?
    2. I wish we could spend Christmas together. I will settle for Italy next summer/fall.
    3. When I really nervous about tests and all I want is a cigarette right before or during to calm my nerves, I chew Nicorette – it really helps!
    4. I wish I was there to eat cheese with you. I would eat all of your brie so you wouldn’t have to. (TRUE FRIEND β™₯)
    5. I am on a reading frenzy, I’ve read like three books in the past week (this is really easy when you are not in school and no one is demanding you read 10,000 pages of some specific random text).
    6. You should consider getting a Twitter. I would love little Amki sized updates throughout my day because I have zero idea what’s going on in your life on a small scale! Like what you had for lunch yesterday. Or how cold it is there. Or how big the kitties are growing. Or if you think Swedish in your head now or English. Or if you’ve seen a good movie. Or how school is. I MISS KNOWING THESE THINGS.

    I love you so much and I know I owe you an email but sometimes trying to fit your whole life into an email is about as daunting as it can get. Sierra still has the book, but I put lots of goodness in there. I got your postcard, I died. I will find a postcard for you, promise.

    This is too long for a comment, but that is kind of how we do it. β™₯

    1. Beloved Sarahsmmmmmmm,
      E-cigarettes taste weird at first (a bit like hooka stuff, the mildly flavoured kind) but the thing is, I haven’t had a single real cigarette today, and only one yesterday morning, so so far, they work. I’ve considered trying to smoke inside public buildings but I’m really scared of people’s reactions, because it does look like a real cigarette, unless you question its authenticity πŸ™‚
      I wish we could spend Christmas together too! Christmas without you guys is going to be so weird. We have to Skype! We have to!
      I super-inhaled on my e-cigarettes in the bathroom right before the tests, I felt like a skeet but good thing is, it’s not actually smoking so it doesn’t leave any scent behind ^^
      I would have to double up on the brie-supply, or triple it, considering Tilda’s love of cheese πŸ™‚
      What are the books, were they any good, give me tips, I want more books to read πŸ™‚
      I will consider getting a twitter, can you e-mail me your twitter-name so I can add you first thing when I get one?
      It is how we do it πŸ™‚ Love love love love super-love! ❀ always!

  2. Firstly: I’ll have you know that Eddie has far more followers than we thought. It seems quite a lot of lot of people worship at his wireless altar. Perhaps if we all started praying to Virgin Media, or 3, or BT, he might perhaps “lift up his countenance upon” his subjects, and give them peace; sweet uninterrupted peace.

    Secondly: You always have my prayers (Can’t I just wish really hard? You know how I feel about prayers) when it comes to tests.

    Thirdly: Sarah is right; Join the revolution and become a “twit”, just like the rest of us.

    Finally: I can think of a list you haven’t made yet.

    One more “Finally”: Good post. Keep it up.

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