Turn-about is… fair play?

For thousands upon thousands of years, humans have perfected the art of suppressing, using, abusing, manipulating, taking advantage of, milking, sucking the life out of, making fun of, stealing, reaping, raping, mocking, hunting… just about everything. Ore from the earth, wood from trees, life from other animals, and most certainly, ourselves. We have refined this art: now we can pollute with ease, extract with skill, lie with expertise and shake the hands of our enemies as we put them in prison for years to come. The strangest of all these urges is that to belittle others. We can see it today, and have seen it in famous historical examples; mainly slavery and the suppression of women.

Due to these centuries of taking other people hostage and agreeing that women are not good for anything but childbirth and, perhaps, cooking, a new group of people has arisen among the masses. A group which is hated, mocked and scorned by all, a group which is rapidly losing their honour, and, through merely being born into this group, you will automatically be on the top list of “evil human beings” for the rest of your life: wealthy white men.

“Gasp!” you say. “How can you speak of them as ill treated?” you say. “They are no better than criminals!” you say. “They deserve what is coming to them!” you say. “They are all selfish, competitive, raping, racist bastards!” you say. Aha. So by virtue of being a wealthy, white man, you immediately become all of these things. I see. That is by no means racist, by no means judging someone  by their income, or sex. Not at all. Because if you were born with the upper hand, you deserve what is coming to you.

When did this happen? I guess it has always been this way. In previous societies, certain things were openly strived for, openly admired, but in a modern world, thirsty for what is fair, quirky, different and therefore better than mainstream, the things that used to be good are now despicable. Virtue? We want sexual freedom for all. Money? We should get rid of it and all live in harmony, trading services. Power? Power only ever leads to corruption.

In a million ways, I agree. And yet. How is it fair that a comedian who is African-American, Jewish, Indian, Chinese or [insert ethnic group that is not classed as “white” here] can make the most racist jokes and remarks about any other group… because they are not “white”? How is it fair that female comedians can rant about the shortcomings of men for hours, and this brings the house down… but if a man makes a single joke about a woman, this is sexist? When did “turn the other cheek” and “do unto others” become “do as others have done previously because you can because revenge is justice, at least if taken by what has been a weaker party”? (I love Russel Peters, by the way. He’s hilarious. My point is, if he gets to make racist jokes, so should everyone else).

I am not saying there have not been some terrible acts of injustice throughout history, or that there are none today. I am not saying that wealthy, powerful white men do not have an awful lot coming to them… as long as the person in question is a chauvinistic, selfish, racist arse. But I am fighting for that other guy. The father who is deemed worthless because he didn’t “have to carry the baby for nine months”. The young man who is a “slob who lives in his parents basements and just plays video-games all the time”. The boy in the hoodie on the street who is “bad seed”. The husband who is inconsiderate because he doesn’t “take me out” or “talk for hours like we used to” or “bring me flowers anymore”. ANY man who isn’t “good enough in bed”.

Shame on us. Shame on the sex that asks for all the benefits, but none of the responsibility. That father might well have wished to be able to carry that child for nine months, but was not able to, due to his physiology. A woman can go to a sperm-bank and become a single mother, but a man could never get this chance, because he is unable to carry a child. That young man may be no worse than a young woman living with her parents, but because she spends her time writing a blog, scrap-booking, painting her toe-nails and talking to her friends on the phone, she is somehow better, a good girl, a virtuous, productive young woman who is simply taking her time to make her choices in life. And the hoodie. All the hoodie is is a light jacket with a piece of cloth attached to the top. Wow. Are we really going to pass someone off as a dangerous criminal, a junkie, a nobody because they choose to wear this garment? That husband, why is it always his job to bring flowers, book a table, start a conversation? What husband complains about his wife “neglecting the romance” in their marriage? But above and beyond all; when did it become the man’s job to make sure that a) you have the best sex of your life every time you do anything at all and b) he has the best sex of his life, because you shouldn’t have to lift a finger to please him?

Why do we stand there, jeering at these “worthless, selfish, sloppy, slow, overrated MEN”, expecting them to do everything for us, and yet claiming to be self-sufficient and strong? They have to start doing dishes and cooking, but we don’t have to put up a shelf or mow the lawn. They should be home more with the children, so that we can pursue our career… if we want to. Preferably, they should bring in the money AND take care of the children, so we can go off and take art-courses and long vacations, because being mothers and wives and poorly treated women entitles us to do nothing and get pampered.

Yes, things that have been done to, and are still being done to, women are absolutely AWFUL. Suppression in physical, mental and emotional ways is an everyday occurrence in many countries. But why should a generation of men who are learning much from their mothers, from a time when liberation of women and equality is on a constant rise, have to suffer the most for the actions of their fathers and grandfathers? Should the Germans of today be punished for Hitler’s actions? Should all the white Americans be shipped out of the U.S, because their forefathers took the land of Native Americans, and it is rightfully theirs, so piss off? And if we should all have to bear the consequences of our forefathers actions, and take the punishment for their mistakes and cruelty, how far back do we go? Homo sapiens were responsible for the genocide of the Neanderthal. Should we all be killed for that?

Inequality is shit. Suppression is horrible, slavery is inexcusable and chauvinism is just plain stupid. These things have existed, and do exist. It is something we should always strive to get away from, something we should always fight to stop. But fighting fire with fire has never been effective. Attacking men for their fathers’ actions is not going to make those actions go away, it is simply creating a new group of suppressed people. If we want equality, we are going to have to start treating everyone as an equal. EVERYONE. Even the pariah of today, the wealthy, white man.


5 thoughts on “Turn-about is… fair play?

    1. I will retract that statement. I can only think of the case in which fathers no longer have as much of a right to their own children as the mother does, and this does not only apply to rich white men, but all men.

      I guess what is truly bothering me is that minority groups are now turning around and treating this minority group with the same amount of scorn as they have been treated with. It’s as in the case of this video, where the children on the second day treat their friends poorly, despite having been in the same situation. You would think that they would remember how terrible it was to be there, and let them be. Instead, they enjoy the chance to take their revenge, and the circle of suppression continues. Hillary Clinton and Obama were contenders for the presidency because he was a black man and she was a woman. Now, had she been exactly the way she is, but a man, there would never have been this form of debate, but because she’s a white, rich woman, that puts her on equal footing with a non-white man.
      I just do not understand how harassing someone for who they are is wrong, except for if it is someone who belongs to a group that people perceive as “stronger”. Who gets to decide who is “stronger”? If a man has been poor all his life, but wins on the lottery, does he immediately become evil? If a man gets born into a wealthy family, but gives away all his money at age 20, does that make him good for the rest of his life? Or is he still evil, because he was born wealthy?

      I know it may seem as if I am playing the devil’s advocate here, but I am not attempting to defend anyone in particular. I think that suppression and discrimination is wrong, wherever it occurs. I am simply trying to say we shouldn’t judge people based on what they are, but on who they are. To quote a wise, old wizard: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us”. There are many rich, white bastards out there, but there are many poor, non-white women who treat people like shit too.

  1. This post has a lot of heart in it; in confused frustration, I rattled off some arguments similar to this a few years ago, but neglected to accept that any and all discrimination is unacceptable. Creating rigid codes and classifications divides the human race, and the essence of life does not comprise of division, but the unity of all things. To put it more bluntly, I too am sick of bickering and fighting like this, especially when the tables get turned and people think it’s okay to project hate onto groups that previously were “advantaged” — hate is never okay, and at some point forgiveness must be given.

  2. I agree with Tyler wholeheartedly! This kind of thing is NEVER okay.
    I’ve heard a lot lately about how it is acceptable to “Kick upwards”, at people who seem to have more power… and it makes me think about a young German artist, who started “kicking upwards” at a large group of society within his own country who seemed to be wealthier, and claiming all the advantages that ordinary Germans never got.
    This kind of “upwards bashing” is no more acceptable than any other kind of hatred.

    Nice post, my love. Very brave as usual.
    Maybe you should re-name your blog “Devil’s Advocate”

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